A “live online seminar” is a one-to-many interactive event that is held virtually, witnessing participation exclusively by an online audience.

In a research recently conducted, it was found that the average viewing time for webinars is increasing over the years and currently stands at 56 minutes, in spite of everything becoming shorter and quicker, with 92% participants consider live online seminars/webcasts to be an effective learning medium.

Funded by MoEs, Research and education network for Uganda (RENU), Uganda Institute of information and communication Technology and Holistic eLearning platform, these online seminars are hugely growing in popularity because of the large extent of personal and live interaction between the facilitator and the learners as well as among the learners.

Through NURIN, S.4 students of Chegere SS in Apac district were able to among other schools within the country attend the mathematics seminar held last Saturday on 29th June 2024.

We, at NURIN, have designed the live online seminar on teaching and learning wherein students especially from northern Uganda get the opportunity to attend live classes and have live interaction with facilitators as well as with their peers and collaborate in activities with the use of video conferencing technology.


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