Our Services

NURIN has a sense of mission to fulfil its mandate. We have strong fundamental norms such as concentration on practical and educational projects, a concern for the social economic impact of innovations by and for people at the grassroots. We encourage community participation in project decision making and implementation with high standards of excellence and innovation. NURIN targets innovative ideas that attract non government organisations, government departments, and private sector, and with a focus of nurturing these ideas into sustainably viable projects that can be replicated elsewhere in the region. We respond to the social and cultural needs of youth and women, in particular, and recognise them in the overall implementation of our programmes. NURIN holds participatory consultations to identify the communities’ developmental needs. We have a repository of skills, experience and a willingness to experiment new ideas. We have built a tradition of excellence that enables us to offer an indispensable service. We are able to reach the communities in their homes, institutions, businesses, workplace and recreation centres

Community Engagement

NURIN actively involves the community in decision making and implementation of projects. They believe in the power of collaboration and encourage participation from individuals, organizations, and sectors to address social and economic challenges. By engaging with the community, NURIN ensures that their projects meet the practical and educational needs of the people at the grassroots level.

Strategic approach

NURIN employs strategic planning to identify and target innovative ideas that can have a significant impact. They collaborate with non-government organizations, government departments, and the private sector to nurture these ideas into sustainable projects. With a focus on excellence and innovation, NURIN strategically plans and implements initiatives that can be replicated in the region, promoting social and economic development.

Innovative Solutions

NURIN fosters a culture of innovation by constantly exploring new ideas and approaches. With a repository of skills, experience, and a willingness to experiment, they seek out creative solutions to address the social and cultural needs of youth and women, among others. By implementing these innovative solutions, NURIN aims to offer indispensable services that benefit communities in their homes, institutions, businesses, workplaces, and recreation centers.